Our Design + Build Process

 We are passionate about what we do. Creating beautiful things is fun and  we love to share this experience with our clients.  We custom tailor our design - build process to best fit our clients unique needs and circumstances.  


Making First Contact

It all starts with your call or email. When you contact us we will record your general  information and some basic information about your propertyand as well as any thoughts you may have regarding your future project.  One of our designers will return your call or email within 24 hours to  initiate a discussion pertaining to your goals for your landscape.  After an appointment has been scheduled, one of our designers will meet you on your property to further discuss the site and your desires for its future.


First Meeting

Through the course of our first meeting, we will be asking a lot of questions about YOU.  We want to get to know you, your style andany visions that you may have for your unique site. When our designer has a full understanding of your project's scope, they will discuss our current timelines as well as the costs of project design.  Once you give us the go ahead to start the design process, we will begin assembling site and architectural measurements, base maps and everything necessary to create a design that you will love.


Design Development

In the design development phase, our designer will integrate your style, your architecture and your desires into a comprehensive plan for the site. When the preliminary design is complete,  the designer will meet you at your home to carefully go through the plans, material selections and budget  with you.    



When the plan, material selections and budget are where you want them to be, we move forward and begin discussing scheduling.  In the project scheduling phase we let you know when you can expect the project to begin. At this time, we will require a project down payment  so that we can begin acquiring materials, permits and necessary sub-contractors for the job.



The construction phase is now ready to begin.  This where the magic really begins to happen and stone by stone, your dreams come to life.  Your project designer will be there for you every step of the way as they guide the project along, adding artistic expression to every step along the way.